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TY460 Leisure Yacht

Your trust.
Our commitment.
A lifetime experience.



Eastar by GZ Yacht Sales specializes in transforming your dream boat into a reality. Our unwavering commitment lies in crafting an unparalleled experience for all of our valued clients.

From conceptualization to meticulous design and construction, we uphold the highest standards of quality, leaving no detail uninspected. Your trust is the cornerstone of our partnership, and with our steadfast commitment and dedication to perfection, we make no compromises in bringing your vision to life.

Design your dream boat

Design your dream boat.

We will help you to customize your dream boat and bring it to life - A very personal process. With us you are not just buying a boat, you are investing in an experience.

Luxury Yacht Front Deck
Boat Storage and Aftercare

Boat Storage & Reliable Aftercare.

If you need to store your boat or require aftercare services, please reach out and we can help you with all necessary arrangements.

Quality Manufacturing

Quality Manufacturing.

Widely recognized within the Chinese market. Eastar Yachts has devoted itself to creating a business philosophy founded in craftsmanship, customization and service satisfaction


International Transportation

International Transportation.

We will ensure your yacht is shipped and transported from our manufacturers to your desired destination.

What do we offer?

Luxury Yacht Interior


Your trust, our commitment, a lifetime experience...

Our workshop is nestled in the beautiful harbor city of Zhuhai, serving as the headquarters for our brand specializing in R&D, conceptualization, design, and quality construction. Our comprehensive analysis of domestic and international markets led to the exclusive launch of the following models:

  • A versatile 37.5-foot  sports yacht

  • A stylish 46-foot leisure yacht

  • A powerful 56-foot catamaran

  • Luxury battle-axe type business yacht, available in various sizes including 60ft, 70ft, and 80ft

  • 116ft super yacht crafted with premium navigation features

At Eastar Yacht, we are dedicated to a business philosophy rooted in craftsmanship, customization, and innovation. And with GZ Yacht Sales leading our client relations, we can guarantee our commitment to transforming your vision into reality and ensuring the highest standards every step of the way.

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