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Enterprise positioning: 
To become the leading yacht customization brand

Enterprise mission:
To help every customer craft their own exclusive yacht

Business philosophy:
Quality, craftsmanship, integrity

Team spirit:
Due diligence, innovation and development

Corporate values:

Creation and pragmatism

Sail to the Pinnacle of Luxury with Eastar Yacht...

Sail to the Pinnacle of Luxury with Eastar Yacht...


"Chasing Dreams"

Dreams, execution and responsibility came together when three young individuals united with the concept of yachting. The idea of domestic production seems to be a taboo term in China. However, it is not that we can’t do well, but more so that we do not recognize and challenge the norms in order to break that ideology and chase dreams. 
The team has been built on a spirit of meticulous craftsmanship, and a drive for perfection in everything one creates and produces. Our chief designer and one of our founders, Zhu Lixing, was educated in Italy where he learned to flawlessly combine modern yacht design and management experience. Together, rooted in in their Chinese heritage a new yacht brand was born in the ocean of this new era - Tianyu Yachting (aka.Eastar Yachts).
Eastar Yachts is shaped on a belief that allows ship owners to enjoy the experience of customizing their own luxury yachts with high-standard craftsmanship, high-quality products and meticulous services. From market research in Taiwan, North America and Europe, to development and design to molding, every process carries a feeling of assembling only the best products.
The customers input is invaluable to the vision of our brand - From material purchase to on-site construction, from quality inspection process to after-sales service, everyone is dedicated in pursuing perfection. 


Functional Customization:

Boat owners can customize their yachts according to their preferences and specific functional requirements. Whether it’s for leisure and entertainment or business, Eastar Luxury Yachts will tailor the boats in order meet the client’s specific requirements while ensuring safety, practicality, and aesthetics.

Interior Customization:

Based on the boat owner’s needs or different functional purposes, customization options are available for the interior space layout, color scheme, lighting, furniture, and interior materials of the yacht. Easter yacht provides multiple design options for boat owners to choose from, so that boat owners can participate in the design journey.

Navigation Area Customization: Due to the regulations of China Ship Inspection, different navigation certificate issued by the relevant authority, which means there are limitations on the navigation areas. Eastar Yacht designs and produces yachts that comply with the designated navigation areas based on the boat owner’s actual usage and preferences.

Luxury Yacht Exterior



Two major business segments, integrating yacht R&D, manufacturing, sales and club operation.


Distinguished Customization

Every customer is able to exclusively personalize and customize their own yacht.


Quality Assurance

Our factory has obtained the national CCS ship inspection and ISO9001 national quality management system certifications.



Always adhere to quality - Customer service & satisfaction is at the core of what we do.


  • Toronto International Boat Show 2024

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